HAEWON Industries co.
Manufacture and supply of superior-grade machined parts to ship engine and construction equipment manufacturers.

Haewon Ind. Inc. was incorporated in March 1985 with the purpose of localizing the production of ship engine components, which had previously been completely reliant on exports. By researching and developing high-quality rubber products such as sealing rings, Haewon Ind. Inc. has contributed to improving the competitive power of domestic ship engines. Currently, Haewon Ind. Inc. exports not only various sealing rings but also VIT (P-AX) actuators for F.O pumps, reversing air cylinders, and mounting tools to clients including Korean ship engine makers and leading shipyards of Japan.

Address74 Hasinjungang-ro 3-beonga-gil, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea 49479 (Jangnim-dong)
Contact infoTel: +82-51-831-4600(Ext. 1) / Fax: +82-51-831-4336

February 2012Relocated to 85 Jangnim-ro, Saha-gu, Busan (Jangnim-dong)
December 2009Completed development of Soo-Yeol PPS plating equipment (basis for the establishment of Haewon P&G)
February 2007Designated an ‘Export Manufacturer of Components and Materials
April 2002Relocated to 1612-4 Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan
April 1997Patent registered for piston plating equipment
May 1994Designated a ‘Promising Advanced Technology Company’ (Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy)
March 1993Ship engine piston production factory established in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
November 1990P/C R&D completed and work begun to establish a dedicated P/C factory (basis for establishment of Haewon Machinery & Engineering)
July 1990Completed development of the ship engine p-max actuator
May 1990Completed development of the ship engine air cylinder
October 1989Completed development of the ship engine cooling shield
September 1989Designated a ‘Promising SME’ by Daedeok Mechanical Institute
September 1989Completed the ship engine pump seal mounting tool
June 1989Completed localization of the ship engine crank relief v/v
March 1985Company first established at 141-30 Namhang-dong 3-ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
March 1985Established by CEO Kim Soo-yeol for the manufacture of hydraulic machinery and ship components


HAEWON Industries Company

Leading manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and supply of rubber products including O-ring and sealing rings for high-grade ship engines and industrial machinery.


Top-quality service manufacturer in the ship engine field, specializing in the machining and production of piston crowns, piston heads, cylinder covers and piston skirts for two-stroke engines.


Haewon Machinery & Engineering Head Office :
87-37 Myeongdong-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea 50851 (Yongdeok-ri)

Tel: +82-55-345-8717 /  Fax: +82-55-345-8720

Haewon Machinery & Engineering Plant 2 :
229 Noksansaneopjung-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea 46753 (Songjeong-dong)


HAEWON Industries co.
74 Hasinjungang-ro 3-beonga-gil, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea 49479 (Jangnim-dong)
Tel: +82-51-831-4600 (Ext.1) / Fax: +82-51-831-4336

HAEWON Special Forging Co. Ltd.
16 Gimhae-daero 1099beon-gil, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (Myeongdong-ri)
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13 Noksansandan 261-ro 31beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea (Songjeong-dong)

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WESTSEA co.,ltd

74 Hasinjungang-ro 3beonga-gil, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea 49479 (Jangnim-dong)

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