HAEWON Special Forging co.,ltd
Expert manufacturer of special forged materials with top-quality certification

Haewon Special Forging Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in forged components that manufactures the 5 major components of ship engines

Haewon Special Forging Co. Ltd. boasts superior technology in special materials for ship engines and has been certified by MAN of Germany for its ship engine product. MAN (Germany) is recognized as the global standard in engines for ships and power generation.

The company’s next-generation engine materials S20CrMoVS, S30MnH, and S42Cr1, whose development was commissioned by MAN, are recognized as the best ship engine materials in the world, surpassing even those produced by top companies in Japan and Italy, etc.

국Haewon Special Forging Co. Ltd’s top clients include major domestic and overseas ship engine component fabricators. The company has all the in-house equipment necessary to ensure the quality of its ship engine components, and prides itself on maintaining exceedingly high quality standards, achieving a ZERO defect rate on deliveries to domestic engine companies.

Currently, Haewon Special Forging Co. Ltd. is expanding into the forged industrial parts industry, providing drill bits and hammer bits to offshore plants and construction companies.

Address16 Gimhae-daero 1099beon-gil, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae
Contact InformationTel: +82-55-343-2355  / Fax: +82-55-343-2366

December 2017Named an exemplary beneficiary of the SME Export Promotion Program by the Small and Medium Business Administration
December 2016Designated a beneficiary of the SME Export Program by the Small and Medium Business Administration
May 2014Named an ‘SME Technology Innovator’ (INNO-BIZ)
October 2012Capital increased to KRW 18 billion
Capital increased to KRW 17 billion
July 2012Capital increased to KRW 14.8 billion
Capital increased to KRW 11.8 billion
June 2012Capital increased to KRW 8.8 billion
Capital increased to KRW 5 billion
May 2007Certified as a components and materials manufacturer
December 2006P/C manufacturing factory certified by MAN
2006.12Received partner factory certification from Doosan Engine for 5 major types of forged components
October 2006Factory certification by the GL Classification Society
September 2006Capital increased to KRW 2.800 billion
September 2006Factory certification by BV and CCS classification societies
July 2006Factory certification by LR and DNV classification societies
June 2006Factory certification by RINA and KR classification societies
May 2006Factory certification by ABS and NK classification societies
April 2006Operation begun of the 8,000-ton press
February 2006Company name changed from D.C.M Co., Ltd. to Haewon Special Forging Co.,
April 2006ISO 9001 certification
December 2005Beginning of prototype production (P/C, C/C)
November 2005Operation begun of the 3,000-ton press
December 2004Haewon Special Forging Co., Ltd. established by CEO Kim Soo-yeol for the production of special forged materials


HAEWON Special Forging co.,Ltd

Industrial forged goods manufacturer for ships, specializing in forged parts, including piston crowns, cylinder covers, piston rods, connecting rods and crosshead pins for large ship engines, with top quality certification from Germany’s MAN.


Top-quality service manufacturer in the ship engine field, specializing in the machining and production of piston crowns, piston heads, cylinder covers and piston skirts for two-stroke engines.


Haewon Machinery & Engineering Head Office :
87-37 Myeongdong-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea 50851 (Yongdeok-ri)

Tel: +82-55-345-8717 /  Fax: +82-55-345-8720

Haewon Machinery & Engineering Plant 2 :
229 Noksansaneopjung-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea 46753 (Songjeong-dong)


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HAEWON Special Forging Co. Ltd.
16 Gimhae-daero 1099beon-gil, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (Myeongdong-ri)
+82-55-343-2355  / Fax: +82-55-343-2366


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